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Felted Soap is an exquisite gift for yourself or to give to someone else. There is no need for a washcloth or a loofah, just take your new felted soap into the tub or shower and it gently exfoliates your skin. As you use soap suds come through and the wool will continue to shrink around the bar of soap until you are left with a scrubby pad of wool, perfect to use for cleaning.  

This listing is for one bar of felted soap.

Approximately 100 grams each.


*Prolongs life of soap

*Fun to use

*Make excellent gifts

 What is Felted Soap?

Felted Soap is a bar of real soap, with wool felted over the surface. The process of ‘felting’ makes the wool adhere and mat together so it forms a solid coat over the soap.  

Why Use Felted Soap? First and foremost, using felted soap is clean fun! The soap suds come through the wool. The wool will help to exfoliate your skin, so there is no need for an extra washcloth or loofah. The wool also makes the soap less slippery. Felted soap has a much longer life span than your typical bar of soap.

Lastly, felted soap is pretty and makes the perfect gift!

What Kind of Soap do you Use?

Our very own handmade soap! We use saponified coconut oil, kaolin clay, fragrance and glycerine.



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