Protea Wild Flower - Printable Art

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 -- Protea Wild Flower -- 

Available as printable image file for you to download after purchase -
- Affordable option to decorate your walls -

Large image file for you to use as a print such as wall-art decor etc. High-resolution image file.
Image aspect ratio is 1 : 0,75
Prints to these size image ratios as example -
12 x 9 cm
20 x 15 cm
28 x 21 cm
38 x 28,5 cm
60 x 45 cm

- Image shown here as a print in room setting.
- This downloaded image can be printed to over 100 cm long side.

For personal decor use.
High Resolution Image file will be emailed to you after purchase. 

Download and print your own art at home or at a printing service



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