Moby The Golden Whale

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Moby is perhaps the happiest whale around! No really, he is. It was one of those days where you fancy a walk, you don't really have a reason to walk, it just seems like a good idea. It was on a walk along the South African coast line where we first met Moby playing in the waters not too far from shore. He was just so delightful, breaching and calling to his friends. It didn't take long for him to swim into our imaginations and our hearts. 

Moby the ring has been carved from brass sheet, particular attention has been paid to his tail - he claims to be most fond of his tail and insisted that we got it right! He will wrap quite comfortably around anyones finger and is completely adjustable. However if you drop us a message with your ring size we will make sure he slides on perfectly from the start. 

Moby would make a great mate for any man or woman, he is not fussy in the slightest, he just likes to play, have fun and keep you company. 

Moby the ring arrives neatly packaged in his own box, ready to be gifted to a friend or if you are like us and enjoy a sneaky little self gift then he is ready to be unwrapped while you squeal in delight.



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