Digital Art Lightroom preset and brush effect

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Delightful Digital Art preset and brush bundle effect for Lightroom 

As all photos are different due to factors such as lighting, depth of field, angle, a preset may work well for one photo but not as well for another.
That's why KAI Creations has created preset and brush bundles. 
Once you apply the preset you can make adjustments to the image by using the Add or Reduce effect brushes to get your photo looking exactly how you want it.

Each download consists of:
1 Preset
1 Add effect brush
1 Reduce effect brush
Installation Instructions
(All of the above are in the form of a zip file and will be available for download once payment is made)

KAI Creations has tested the Lightroom presets on a number of images and recommends you use the presets on images similar to those shown in the preview.
The Delightful Digital Art Effect works best on subjects of people in good lighting (either a photo that was taken in good lighting or one that has been edited already to have a well balanced lighting look)

*Please note* This preset and brush bundle will only work in Lightroom and NOT Photoshop

If you have any questions or queries regarding the product please contact me directly and I will be glad to help!



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