FAQ - For Shop Owners


So, you have something to sell do you? Well you've come to the right place!
First things first, take a look at our Sell On HDME page to get an overview of what it involves.
You're still here? Great.
Next you need to create a seller account with us by clicking on the Start Sellong on HDME link at the bottom of the page. Once you've created an account go to the My Account tab on the left and give us as much info about who you are, what you sell, what drives you. This is your opportunity to give the buyers a chance to get to know you. It's hard to earn trust online, so don't hold back. Oh and don't forget to add a banner and picture, trust us, it'll be worth it.

For a step-by-step on opening your shop click here!

On the top right of the seller home page select Add Product. You'll have to choose first if you are posting a physical or digital item as it will reset the page. Fill in all the fields. Giving as good of a description as possible will help sell your products. As HDME uses Rands (ZAR) as their base currency you will have to enter the price of your product in ZAR. If you're selling in a different currency, just use XE to convert (That's what we use, so it must be good)
Tags are very important to get your product in the right category, so tag away! Use as many descriptive tags as you can think of. Putting your product in the correct collections is also key.
There are two save options, unless you want to add different options like colors or styles to one product, just click the normal "Save". To learn more about options and variants check out our next question. Once you've added products you can view and edit them in the Products tab on the left. To easily add, reorder or delete images click the "eye" next to the product.
A Green & enabled sign next to your product means it's live and ready to sell!

Wondering what the variant option is? Well let us tell you. When you add a product a default variant is added automatically with all the general information you had put in on the Add Product page, e.g. quantity and price. To alter this when adding a product you simply "Save and add options." Here you will select a title such as colour and a value such as the colour option like blue or red. Once done, click save and you have your variants! You can add additional variants later to the product by editing a product and scrolling down to the Variants section. Here you can view the variants you already entered or if you hadn't added any, it will say "Default Title" next to your price, weight and quantity. Your options are to add a variant, edit options or edit variant.
Editing the variant will allow you access to the quantity and price. This is where you edit these.
Editing options is where you can change the name of the "Default Title." Editing this will appear on your product listing. So if you want to delete it off your product listing, simply change the title back to "Default Title" and it will disappear.
Adding a variant is where you want to go when adding a style or colour in the Title section. Then you can add quantities and a different price.
Deleting a variant is easy! You have to always have one variant which is your product. This is the default title, quantity, weight and shipping. To get rid of extra variants when you have two or more, a trash can will appear. Simply delete the unwanted option.
Delete the wrong variant? No problem! You can change the variant/option that was left and edit the title back to "Default Title" with the correct price.

Send us an email at shop@hdme.co with details of your account name and the product you're having trouble with and we'll help sort it out for you. That's what we're here for after all.

Making money is why you're here, so let's not forget to add Payment Details on the left tab. Select an option from the drop down menu and fill in the required information.
All payments are sent to our PayFast account, which we then transfer to our sellers individual accounts on a weekly basis. This is done every second Wednesday (Payouts are made bi-monthly). Most banks should reflect the payment within 48 hours, so you should see your money in your account in time for the weekend!

Let's get your name out there! Good photo's are a necessary for getting your products noticed, especially online. Good lighting and angle never hurt anyone.We recommend that your images are 1024x1024 & its size must be less than 15MB. If you'd like further help with photography tips, send us an email, we have a couple of good photographers on our team. Using other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook will also help a lot. Using correct tags on our site will help buyers find your products faster in a search.

Don't panic! HDME uses a market place program that uses a different theme to the shop site. Both the shop site and the seller dashboard are run and maintained by us.

First thing to do is once you’re logged into your seller account, find “Shipping Configuration” in your side menu.
Make sure this is “ticked” before continuing onto the “Shipping” tab. Once in the shipping tab, it is mandatory to choose your “Range” which will be the weight of items sold.
Range Examples: You can enter 1gram-500grams to cost R99 and anything 501grams – 1000grams you can put, costs R200. Remember, if you want to add multiple ranges like this your next range must be at least 1 gram more than your previous range.
If your shipping courier/company does Nationwide shipping for up to 5kg, then in your range you need to put 1gram-5000grams. This allows you to fully customize your shipping for your customers. You can even do a range on prices. If you want to increase the shipping price for more expensive listings, then you can!
Once this is all set up, go back to your “Shipping” tab and click the “eye” to view and add which countries you want to sell to.
Now go add your first product!

*By adding a product the seller is agreeing to add shipping service whether it's price point is R0. By default if a seller adds products and doesn't select shipping. HDME will set an average shipping price to those products "live" in the Marketplace. Any losses or gains is not HDME's responsibility. These prices may be edited at any time in the buyer's shipping tab.

Get in touch with us through the Contact Us page and we can help you out. Either by figuring out which collection your product will go in or if you have something totally new that we don't have a collection for we'll make one, just for you.

Hmm.... Either we are doing maintenance or there is something wrong that we've found with your shop or the products you're selling. Either way, we will be in contact with you to sort out the issue.

The question on every sellers tongue! We offer two packages:
The first option you can open an account for free and post up to 25 products at no charge, we only charge 12% commission on the products that you sell and an R8 listing fee after the product has sold. If the product doesn't sell, you don't get charged!
The second option is a pay as you go subscription of R130 a month and 6% commission on products that sell plus a R4 listing fee. This option is more beneficial for sellers that are selling more products as you can post as many as you like. You'll also get a free sub-domain for your website and the option to be a featured seller of the month.
All our fees include processing and payment fees.

We will change our home page featured images from time to timw. Make sure that your images are top notch and who knows, you could be featured next. Or if you buy us a coffee, that could work too.



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