Shipping your first sale

Shipping your first sale

Hey! You've made your first sale. That's great news. The adrenaline has kicked in. You're smiling from ear to ear. But then you think what next? What are the next steps to completing this sale? 

This article will help guide you through the shipping process of your sale. 


First things first, make sure your shipping policies are written out clearly on your shop page. The easier you make it for customers to understand how shipping works, the easier the whole process will be. 


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When a sale is made, the buyer, the vendor and HDME will get an email notification with the sale ID number, the item, the amount and where the package has to be shipped to. 

At this stage you can start prepping your product for shipping.


Once the seller makes a payment it will reflect on HDME and you will be notified that payment has been fulfilled. The money will then be sent to your bank account on the following Wednesday.

As soon as you get the notification that payment has been fulfilled you should ship your product. The sooner the buyer receives their purchase the happier they’ll be, the better review they’ll leave for you and the more potential sales you’ll get!


It’s a good idea to let your customer know that their package is on the way. Send them a friendly email with the shipping number and an estimated time of arrival. This will help put their mind at ease and you’ll be letting them know you care about them and their purchase. 

Stay In Touch:

Keep an eye on the tracking of the package to make sure it does get delivered. Once you’re notified that the package has been delivered send your customer an email thanking them once again for their order. 

Ask them for some feedback and if they’ll leave a review for you on HDME, positive feedback will show other buyers that you’re a trustworthy shop and they’ll want to buy from you. Any negative feedback that you may get will help you improve things for the next sale you make, think of it as constructive criticism.

And lastly, ask your customer to find you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Keeping in touch with your customers will help get repeat sales.

Keep an eye out for future tips on shipping and packaging in HDME’s Sellers Guide to Success




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