4 Tips on getting your products noticed

4 Tips on getting your products noticed

You’re looking for something to buy. In your mind you can picture the gift. But you just can’t figure out where it is. You look around for someone to ask for directions, but there’s no one there. So you approach the directory. And hey look at that you find a shop that sells exactly what you’re looking for!

Step 1:

Think of the HDME categories lists as the directory in a shop when people look for something the first thing they’ll browse through is the category that they’re interested in. So make sure that you put your products into the correct category/collection. 

If a person knows exactly what they’re looking for then they will probably use the search bar. To make sure your product shows up when someone uses the search bar, you need to tag it correctly. Start with basic descriptive tags, namely what your product is exactly. Is it art? Jewellery? Clothing? Then get a little more descriptive, what colour is it? Is it for male or female? Has it got a pattern on it? If so, describe the pattern.

Try keep tags to one or two words and not phrases.

Step 2:

Take good quality photos of your products. See the guide on product photography here

Good photos will attract people to your products. No one wants to buy something that they can’t see properly.

Along with proper product images, your shops’ logo and banner are important too. Would you buy products from a store that has a beautiful sign on their front window or from one with a sign that’s falling down, or a shop that doesn’t have a sign at all?

Step 3:

People have always been skeptical about buying things online. So let your customers know that there’s a real person behind your online shop. 

Open up a little about yourself and your business in your description. Tell people who you are, what your products are and what makes them unique. 

Once you do make a sale, be sure to follow up for a review from your customer. You’ll have their email so why not send them a thank-you message and ask if they’d be so kind as to leave a review on the service they received and the product they just bought. When other customers see good reviews they’ll immediately have more faith in the shop they’re about to buy from. 

Step 4:

HDME will be advertising your products on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. But there’s no harm in you putting the word out there too. Studies show that people are far more likely to make a purchase from a recommendation from someone they know . 

Start hashtagging and tweeting away! Let your followers and admirers know that they can find your great products on HDME.

Tell your friends and family, get them to tell their friends and their friends’ family, and their family and friends, because word of mouth is one of the best ways to ensure that people know that you mean business about your business.




Neil Mackay

Photography, travelling and an interest in writing. These are some of Neil's passions which he hopes will help add to your experience on HDME, making it easier to use and leading to your success as a shop owner.  




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