Featured Seller: TLIZ Designs

Featured Seller: TLIZ Designs


“I started applying for jobs and didn’t hear anything,” Tliz says. While job searching, she had time to exercise her creativity in a new medium: illustrations. Tliz spent hours honing her craft and learning from videos she found online. As she created her fun and quirky illustrations, she realised she had found her passion — and perhaps, the job she’d been looking for all along.

How did you get started working in illustration?

I don’t have a background in illustration; I started in business. When I was in university, I had made a sketch for a friend, but it was more of a basic line design. I studied art all through high school, so I had experience with various design and art-related things, but not illustration. So I went online, looked at videos, and opened up my HDME shop quite soon after.


How do your pieces progress from idea to finished product?

Believe it or not I just put a colour scheme together. These colours let me begin an idea. I'll sketch different drafts of an idea until I can sit back and say "yes, this is perfect." I love fades, gradients and colour variants.

What’s your workspace like?

Well, I have a 15" macbook where I work all day long creating new ideas. I use my iPad Pro a lot too! All I need is a lot of natural light to begin creative work and maybe a cup of coffee or two!

Where do you go for creative inspiration?

Pinterest! I'm constantly creating new boards, pining beautiful things and colours. The ideas just start flowing! I also keep an ear out for cute phrases that I can incorporate into my cards then I just add colours and illustrations to complete a design.

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