"I started creating beaded jewellery seven years ago as a way to entertain and bond with younger cousins during family visits," says Celeste, owner of Wonder Struck Inc., "It has developed through the years into what it is now." Wonder Struck Inc is a one-woman show. The creator, Celeste works with resin, macramé, crystals and wood to create beautiful, wearable designs. The beauty of nature is a continuous source of inspiration for this creator of handcrafted jewellery. “Crystals, flowers, pictures.... If I see it and handpick it, that's usually the beginning” says Celeste. Read on to learn about...

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  “I started applying for jobs and didn’t hear anything,” Tliz says. While job searching, she had time to exercise her creativity in a new medium: illustrations. Tliz spent hours honing her craft and learning from videos she found online. As she created her fun and quirky illustrations, she realised she had found her passion — and perhaps, the job she’d been looking for all along. How did you get started working in illustration? I don’t have a background in illustration; I started in business. When I was in university, I had made a sketch for a friend, but it was more of a basic line design. I studied...

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“I am self-taught in everything that I do,” says Elizabeth Leon, owner of Wild Boho Soaps, a shop featuring luxurious, handcrafted soap. “I grew up wanting to just create.” Now a creative entrepreneur, Elizabeth channels that same ingenuity to develop artisan crystal and felt soaps. "I wanted to create things I could use, I thought other people might like to have the same thing—that’s when I started to branch out.” Your designs are colourful and and whimsical. How did you develop your signature soap style? It’s definitely evolved over the years. My first products looked completely different from what you see in my shop today—that...

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